We have chosen NIANCE because we were looking for a very high-level Swiss Cosmetic product and we found in NIANCE exactly what we wanted. Safe product, high-level product, very efficient product and I am glad about this choice.

Dr. Schmid

Chief Pharmacist

TopPharm Apotheke Paradeplatz Zurich

I put on NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY in the evening before I go to sleep. Next day my skin is so much nourished and hydrated.

Famous actress

Eva Huang


In my practice, for already quite some time and with a lot of success, I am using Premium Collagen – Hyaluron Beauty Booster. Positive feedback from the patients (condition of pelvic organs, vessels, endometrium), proven by ultrasound, allows me to recommend it. And, of course, beauty effect – nails, hair, and skin get much better! I also drink it myself.

Svetlana Botasheva

Gynecologist @ladygynecolog


Enjoying the daily cup of the incredible Premium Collagen – Hyaluron Beauty Booster by NIANCE every morning. Still halfway through my twenties but anti aging and preventive measures is essential.

Tee Ganbold



Besides the hydrating effect Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY also nourishes and smoothes the skin and makes it only in 15 min (time which you need to keep the mask on your face). After rinse off the skin becomes velvet in texture, and visually more even and moisturized.

My skin feels nourished and fine – happy with my Premium Glacier Facial Cream by NIANCE

Fatima Soleil



Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY is great in nourishing my dry skin. Since I started using it, the wrinkles started disappearing. I highly recommend it.

Maja Roszkowska



My skin is glowing ever since I started using NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Cream, full of top Alpine ingredients. The Swiss Glacier Complex(r) makes my skin happy every day now – so in love with it!

Wiebke MBG



There are many different cosmetic brands on the market, claiming the impossible to become possible but when testing them they cannot keep their promises. As a professional in this field I have tested many of them. NIANCE is different and truly rare on the market since they hold their promises – the formulas really work. NIANCE combines natural ingredients with the latest of scientific research and this at highest level. The unique Swiss Glacier Complex® – a powerful Elixier for the skin – comes with very effective actives focusing on the needs of every skin type. Luxurious textures round off the products and makes their application an event to be remembered for a long time.

Dr. Patrick Schwarzentruber

Chairman of the Committee of Microbiological Experts (Member of the Board)


I use NIANCE Eye Care Shine for 2 weeks already and I am really impressed! This reach eye cream is gentle and spreads smoothly, promoting deep hydration. It also targets lines and wrinkles making my skin brighter. I will definitely try other products from NIANCE. 

Tanja Denzel



On any given Sunday: Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY by NIANCE

Sue Giers



Niance Eye Care Shine relaxes my eye area and provides it with moisture and great skin care ingredients day and night

Ina Cierniak