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Deeper Than Beauty

Our Journey

Our body possesses the fascinating ability to self-rejuvenate. Our skin, for example, renews itself every 28 days. There are many external factors, however, disturbing this process: uv rays, pollution, alcohol, bad nutrition as well as a lack of sleep and movement. Using the wrong skincare can be a negative factor, too. As a result, we age faster than we should and it shows – the skin gets dry, more irritated and sensitive, fine lines and wrinkles appear, a feeling of fatigue spreads through the body.

To better understand the process, Dr. Rainer W. Schmidt summoned a group of world-leading experts: dermatologists, biologists, beauty professionals and anti-aging scientists. In 2007, he presented NIANCE and the unique Swiss Glacier Complex® after more than three years of intensive research and thousands of clinical trials. The groundbreaking anti-aging formula combines two treasures of Switzerland: the pure nature of the Alpine region and world-leading clinical science.

The launch of NIANCE and the Swiss Glacier Complex® set a benchmark in anti-aging skincare proving that »clean« and effective are not mutually exclusive. State-of-the-art FERNESSE™ biotechnology allowed to transform natural and active ingredients from the Swiss Alpine region into light textures without the use of paraffins, parabens, mineral oils, sensitizers, hormones and genetically modified ingredients. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin the skin becomes smooth, firm and youthful.

Beauty experts and dermatologists all over the world were truly amazed by a skincare line that kept its promises (finally). The highly effective, skin-friendly and clean formulas showed long lasting, visible results as was rarely seen before. Premium retailers and leading 5-star hotels all over the world chose NIANCE for their spas catering to a sophisticated clientele that expects nothing but the best.

Our Journey picture
Our Journey picture

The journey to longevity

The experts around Dr. Schmidt soon discovered that treating the skin from the outside was not enough to reach the desired effect. To strengthen the structure of the body and skin while at the same time significantly increasing moisture from the inside NIANCE presented the Beauty Booster, a unique nutritional supplement combining natural collagen derived from premium North Atlantic deep-sea fish and plant-fermented hyaluronic acid with essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals.

By introducing a groundbreaking holistic approach to treat the skin – and the body – from the outside and the inside in perfect synergy NIANCE set a benchmark in effective anti-aging – again.

Our Journey picture

Next level nutritional supplements

Following the success of the Beauty Booster, NIANCE researchers travelled the globe for several years to study centenarians and their lifestyle. They identified numerous active ingredients in plants, fruits and herbs contributing to »healthy« aging and longevity. It was the development of the groundbreaking biotechnology FERNESSE™, however, that allowed to release the full Triple-Biotic power (pre-, pro- and post-biotics) of these ingredients and dramatically increase the bio-availability of nutrients. Four highly effective, clean and vegan formulas address major aspects of beauty and well-being: Sleep, Vitality, Weight Management and Cleanse.

By including (inner) general well-being into (outer) beauty NIANCE introduced a new era for holistic health and beauty solutions with the launch of GENR8®.

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