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Swiss Glacier Complex®, the core engine and soul of NIANCE skincare products, is made up of 4 powerful fundamental elements – Swiss Alpine glacier water, vitamin cocktail, complex of minerals and active substances from high Alpine plants. Swiss Glacier Complex® is like a stream of light poured into a bottle.  It safeguards the well-being of the epidermis, stimulates cell renewal, delays the first signs of skin aging, and reactivates the skin’s own ability to regenerate and rejuvenate by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.  The skin becomes smooth, firm and youthful. Thanks to the proprietary FERNESSE™ biotechnology that transforms Edelweiss, Thymus Vulgaris, Gentiana Lutea Root, Buddleja Davidii and Borago Officinalis Seed oil by enzymatic activation, Swiss Glacier Complex® achieves the high performance of anti-aging but in an environmentally-friendly way, without the use of paraffins, parabens, mineral oils, sensitizers, microplastics, hormones and genetically modified ingredients.  It is a vegan-friendly complex.


NIANCE is committed to developing the highest quality of Swiss skin care and nutritional supplement products. Made up of over 100 active and nutritional ingredients, the entire range of NIANCE products are specifically designed to enhance the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and flourish. The groundbreaking FERNESSE™ biotechnology of NIANCE enables the release of the full Triple-Biotic power (pre-, pro-, post-biotics) of these ingredients and drastically increases the bio-availability of nutrients.

Ingredients picture
Ingredients picture


Sourced from the famous Matterhorn glaciers in the Zermatt area of Switzerland, this highly pure water is further enriched with minerals and elements that provide ample benefits for use on the skin. It provides the most direct nutritional supplements to the cells to give a radical improvement in skin texture for tender and beautiful looking skin.

Swiss Glacier water is not only pure but also refreshing with an excellent taste. Zermatt water is also very soft because it primarily flows through crystalline rock such as gneiss and granite and thus does not pick up minerals, however contains calcium and sulphate because of the rock. Containing virtually no nitrate as the mountain slopes are little used for agriculture the microbe values lie far below the Swiss average and also far below the legal tolerance value.

Hidden in a deep valley in between the most impressive mountains Zermatt is dominated by a huge pyramidal rock, the world famous Matterhorn. Crystal clear, pure air and a heavenly quietness are found in this scenic place. From the famous mountain region comes the purest Zermatt Glacier Water preserved untouched for centuries and now one of the core elements in all NIANCE products.

Explore our broad glossary of incredible premium ingredients, carefully selected from the most sought-after areas throughout the Swiss Alpine region and chosen areas across the globe.


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