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Deep skin dive


NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY soothes the skin with nourishment and extra moisture. Specifically created to enrich and revitalize, this hydrating mask dives deep below the surface of the skin for stunning results. Our hydrating mask replenishes cells with moisture that was lost through time, it plumps and soothes dry, dehydrated and normal skin. Even if you have combination or breakout-prone skin, Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY can restore comfort and calm irritation. If your skin is damaged after exposure to the sun or frost, this hydrating mask will relieve redness and irritation, keep your skin hydrated and quench the thirst of your skin cells.




Filled with Saccharide Complex and Micro Algae Extract, NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY is equally soothing and protective. Our hydrating mask concentrates choice active ingredients and our signature Swiss Glacier Complex®️ in a refreshing texture which is perfect for all skin types. NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY effectively increases cell activity, collagen production and deposits moisture deep within the skin for long-term hydration. The protective function of this hydrating mask also ensures that free radicals and environmental influences do not cause strain on the cells.





After gentle cleansing (e.g. with NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX and NIANCE Facial Tonic REFRESH), apply NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY generously to the skin on the face.

Allow the facial mask to completely absorb for 10-15 minutes. Massage gently into skin for further absorption then wipe away excess. Or you can leave NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY overnight as a sleeping mask.


Sleeping masks are best applied as the final step of your evening beauty regimen after cleansing and serum 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Gently spread this hydrating mask from the center of the face outwards. On days when skin feels extra dry, you can apply two layers of NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY. As the facial mask is absorbed, the active ingredients are slowly released throughout the night to give your skin the ultimate pamper. In the morning cleanse your face, enjoy your glowing complexion and silky soft skin.


Use the NIANCE 24K gold-plated scoop (provided in the package) to apply and gently massage the cream on to the desired area. The scoop is ideal for hygiene and anti-bacterial purposes and to massage the skin for an added cooling and soothing effect.





– Saccharide Complex builds up a reservoir of moisture, reduces dryness and irritation
– Bristle Oat Extract treats dry skin, making it smooth and soft without feeling greasy
– Micro Algae Extract improves skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles
– Swiss Glacier Complex®️ restores skin and enhances its natural ability to rejuvenate.





How often should I use a hydrating mask?


We recommend using our hydrating mask once or twice a week for normal or oily skin, 2-3 times a week for dry and dehydrated. Thus, Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY can fix an array of problems from lack of hydration to dullness.



Should I wash my face after a hydrating mask?


Hydrating masks continue to benefit your skin for a long time, so you don’t need to wash your face. Just let Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY to absorb for 10-15 minutes. Massage gently your skin for better absorption then wipe away excess with a cosmetic tissue.



Should I use a moisturizing cream before or after my hydrating mask?


Hydrating masks usually provide an extra boost to your skin, they don’t always replace other steps in your routine. So you need to apply your serum and facial cream after masking.



Do you have any additional products to use with this mask?


You can combine Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY with any other NIANCE products. It works in synergy with the regular treatment habitual for an even and beautiful complexion.



How to understand that I need to use a hydrating mask?


You definitely need to try Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY if

  • your skin feels dry, rough, itchy, flaky or scaly;
  • your complexion looks tired or dull;
  • you want to make your skin silky soft, smooth and glowing.





“I’ve always been a little sceptical about what these creams claim to do, until I tried the Hydrating Mask. After just a few applications, I’m convinced. The results are beyond my expectations.”

“I put on NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY in the evening before I go to sleep. Next day my skin is so much nourished and hydrated”.

Famous actress

Eva Huang



I love using the Hydration Mask intensify when I need extra nourishment for my skin – especially in winter. I apply it before going to bed and wake up to glowy and very hydrated skin.

Olivia Faeh




“I‘m a big fan of NIANCE, especially of the Hydrating Mask Intensify . It‘s a very efficient product- just perfect for my dry & sensitive skin”.

Countess Tamara Graeffin von Nayhauss

TV Presenter, Socialite




“Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY is great in nourishing my dry skin. Since I started using it, the wrinkles started disappearing. I highly recommend it”.

Maja Roszkowska




“On any given Sunday: Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY by NIANCE”

Sue Giers







Intensive moisturizing effect, building up a reservoir of moisture, soothing, improving skin tone, activating the production of collagen, preventing wrinkles, anti-aging effect, reducing dryness and irritation, making skin smooth and soft without feeling greasy, improving skin’s elasticity and reducing wrinkles

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Saccharide Complex

Bristle Oat Extract

Micro Algae Extract

Swiss Glacier Complex®