Glacier Body Cream
  • Has a draining effect
  • Models and firms the body contour
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduces the volume and inhibits the formation of adipose cells
  • Ultimate moisturizing booster
    • Saccharidcomplex
    • Tripeptid
    • Micro algea extract
    • Black bristle oat
    • Glaucine complex
    • Swiss Glacier Complex


    NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream is a luxury anti-aging body cream of a tenderly melting texture. It provides maximum nourishment and effectiveness. Let NIANCE anti-aging body cream be your latest secret for tender and firm skin and a perfect silhouette. It will provide your body with that alluring look of beautiful, smooth young skin. Irregularities are counteracted; intense moisture complexes ensure silky-soft skin. It’s a moisture-booster for your skin that provides 24-hours depot effects. Wrinkles are clearly smoothed immediately. Cell regeneration is activated right away. A rich, firming luxury cream for new tone and elasticity.


    Use NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream on a daily base in the mornings and in the evenings. Apply to the whole body and gently rub in in circles – paying special attention to where your skin’s tone is reduced (belly, thighs, bottom, inside of the upper arms). NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream is of a particularly light texture, is immediately absorbed by your skin and will leave you with a body that feels relaxed and firm. For best results, we recommend applying NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum to those parts of your body that require special care before using NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream.