NIANCE GENR8® BIOTIC Nutritional Supplement Sleep


30 sachets


Sleep well, live well


Good rest and inner balance are essential for your overall well-being. Along with eating the correct foods and drinking enough water, having the optimal amount of rest helps internal organs to rejuvenate from the day-to-day activities. This plays a leading role on both your inner well-being and outer appearance. By gaining that ever important ‘deep sleep’ you can increase your physical and mental stability and decrease stress and emotional unease. SLEEP supports quality rest that a body requires to regenerate.

This innovative and powerful ingestive, is part of the NIANCE GENR8® BIOTIC Nutritional Supplements which are dedicated to providing the best possible holistic approach for optimal inner and outer health and beauty. This completely organic herbal shot contains numerous active ingredients including fermented alpine herbs, valuable bitter substances and Triple Biotics (pre- propost-biotics). It also contains elements such as Walnut Leaves, Hops, Rose Hips along with Gentian Root – renowned for their powerful internal properties. This sleep supplement delivers quality rest that a body requires to truly regenerate.


Improving the quality of sleep

Enjoying more “deep sleep”

Improving energy levels

Enhancing mental wellness

Boosting immunity

Slowing signs of aging and promoting longevity and well-being




Gentian root, Barley grass, Rose hips, Hops, Juniper berries, Walnut leaves, Pomegranate seeds, Blueberries, Peppermint, Wild prickly juju seed, Schisandra fruit, Pine sponge, Ginseng root, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Swiss Alpine water.





Shake the sachet before drinking

• Open carefully
• Take 1 complete shot per day, preferably 30 minutes before going to sleep




“Regular quality sleep is the most important foundation for beautiful skin, brain health, and balanced mental and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come easily if you have a stressful job and busy life. With NIANCE GENR8 BIOTIC Nutritional Sleep Supplement, I have been consistently having deep and long sleep every night, and wake up with a clear mind, positive but steady energy, and natural glow in my skin”.

Jen Zhu Scott, entrepreneur, technologist, working mom.
Twitter @jenzhuscott