NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Oil Nourishing


200 ml


Silky, sensual & scented


Keep your skin silky smooth and sensually scented with this beautifully blended, innovative ‘wonder oil’ for your body. Organic and natural compounds make sure your skin remains hydrated, and supercharged with antioxidants, all through the day and night.




NIANCE BODY OIL NOURISHING is made up of several natural & organic ingredients to ensure your skin gets the nourishment it needs. Designed to regenerate and active collagen production, it binds and dispenses moisture to to increase and stimulate urea production. Use it continuously and watch your ageing spots disappear and enjoy its rich anti-cellulite properties and subtle scent. Ingredients include 5 flavour berry & coastal herb extracts plus grape seed, castor, lemon seed, and cactus pear oil.




Five Flavour Berries extract

Coast Herb extract

Cactus Pear oil

Lemonseed oil

Castor oil

Grapefruit oil




After cleansing, pour into the palm of your hand and apply a smooth layer all over your body.

Rub all residue gently into skin for a smooth, silky feel.

Please note that this oil is intended for use on the body. For facial creams, please refer to NIANCE Premium Glacier Skincare