5 Steps Kit

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Cleanse, sooth, relax and repeat

NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX stimulates cell regeneration during the cleansing process, providing the skin a sophisticated smoothness and vitality. This cleansing milk is gentle on the skin while delivering powerful skin rejuvenating ingredients for dry or sensitive skin.

Get ready to glow

NIANCE Facial Tonic REFRESH is a reviving, cleansing tonic with soothing properties to prevent redness and other irritations. This alcohol free toner contains a combination of anti-oxidants that perfectly prepare the skin for the skincare to follow.

An eye – opening experience

NIANCE Premium Glacier Eye Serum gently penetrates and soothes the sensitive area around the eyes. With its highly concentrated formula, it reduces puffiness and dark rings to enhance the eye contour.

Eye shine, you shine

NIANCE Eye Care SHINE is tailored for sensitive skin around the eyes. Made up of a light texture, it combats puffiness and tiredness in a gentle but powerful manner giving your eyes a vibrant daily sparkle.

More for the contour

NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Serum stimulates cell rejuvenation and collagen production to give you an immediate feeling of firmer, smoother skin. Enjoy a fresher look with a healthy radiance.

The complexion miracle

NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Cream supplies concentrated moisture for maximum 24-hour skin care. Allow this wonder cream to work its miracle while your skin rejuvenates and your complexion glows, effortlessly.

Hello silky silhouette

NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum contains the ideal nutrients to firm, tone and tighten the skin. Enjoy the immediate effects as this premium serum shapes and models your silhouette.

The smooth operator

NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream provides ultimate all over nourishment for the skin. Feel the benefits of smoother skin with this 24 hour moisturising booster.

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