NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum is a highly-concentrated care product of a wonderful silky texture. This luxury anti-aging body serum takes on-spot effects on your hips, thighs, belly and waist – your body will appear like reshaped. The anti-aging process takes immediate effect. At an instant, the skin clearly gains in firmness, tightness, and tone. Significantly reduces fat deposits, ensures the quicker removal of free fatty acids and facilitates a clearly tightened skin structure. Also significantly reduces cellulite. This premium serum yields visible lifting effects right after being applied.


Use NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum on a daily base in the mornings and in the evenings. Apply it to the spots to be treated on your abdomen, hips, upper arms and legs and bottom and rub in quickly, stroking upwardly. NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum is of a light and fresh texture and absorbed immediately. Your body will feel toned, firm and invigorated right away. For best results, we recommend completing the treatment with NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Cream.