Anti-aging cleansing lotion
  •     Gently cleanses, soothes and protects the skin
  •     Immediate anti-aging effect while cleaning the skin
  •     Strong performance according to the Swiss Skin Research
  •     Contains a cocktail of high-tech anti-aging ingredients
  •     Increases cellular activity by high absorption of the active substances

    • Saccharide Complex
    • Yeast Cell Plasma
    • Swiss Glacier Complex
    • Hyssop-plant


    The SWISS GLACIER COMPLEX® and a combination of high-tech active ingredients stimulate the cell renewal process even during the actual cleaning phase. Valuable substances from the hyssop plant contain anti-oxidants and clean, soothe and protect the skin. NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX is a soft, light emulsion with a pleasant, creamy consistency. The anti-aging cleansing milk is gentle and free from aggressive ingredients, and is particularly suitable for dry or sensitive skin which irritates easily. Even when you massage it in, you can feel how the skin is being intensively nurtured and pampered with extra moisture. Soothing ingredients noticeably relax the skin and restore its natural balance. As NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX stimulates cell renewal during the cleansing process, the skin is given a sophisticated smoothness and vitality. Little wrinkles and lines are visibly reduced and premature aging of the skin is halted. The immediate effect: a satiny complexion with a radiant, youthful freshness.


    Apply NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX every morning and evening with gentle massaging movements to the face, neck and cleavage (also suitable for the eye area). Then rinse the anti-aging cleansing milk off with clean water. Then tonify your skin with a special facial toner (e.g. NIANCE Facial Tonic REFRESH).