Anti-Aging cleansing peeling
  •     Activates cellular regeneration and accelerates skin renewal
  •     Cleanses intensively and removes dry skin flakes
  •     Improves skin tone
  •     Energizes the skin and eliminates its dull aspect
  •     Ideal as cleansing mask due to enzyme effect
  • Tripeptide 2
  • Yeast Cell Plasma
  • Bristle Oat Extract
  • Swiss Glacier Complex
  • Imperatoria
  • Biocellpeel


Cleansing Peeling ENERGIZE is enriched with micro-grains of mountain crystal and has a pleasant consistency. This anti-aging cleansing peeling is gentle but effective and tailored exactly to meet the needs of tired masculine skin which can tend towards impurities. Even as you massage in the pulverised rock crystal minerals, you can feel energy being released and the skin being revitalised, Flakes of skin are effectively removed and the skin is provided with moisture and vital nutrients on a long-term basis. This helps the skin’s natural equilibrium and improves its resistance. As NIANCE Cleansing Peeling ENERGIZE stimulates cell renewal during the cleansing process, the skin is given a sophisticated smoothness and vitality. Fine wrinkles are reduced and premature aging stopped. The immediate effect: a visibly younger, energetic complexion.


Apply an amount about the size of a hazelnut of NIANCE Cleansing Peeling ENERGIZE to a wet face and massage the anti-aging cleansing peeling in using circular movements. Then rinse your face in pure water. Your skin is now perfectly prepared for a male skincare product, e.g. NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE or NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Serum.