Glacier Body Serum
  •     Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  •     Reduces the volume of fat cells and inhibits the formation
  •     Slugishes excess water
  •     Models and firms the body contour
  •     Ultimative moisturizing booster
  • Rose Pepper
  • Herbal caffeine–horn poppy-complex
  • Cysteine acid-carnitin-guarana- complex
  • Brown algea fiber
  • Brown algea extract
  • Mint camphor
  • Swiss Glacier Complex


NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum is a highly-concentrated body serum with specific anti-aging-effectiveness for demanding men. This ultra-precise anti-aging serum significantly reduces the hip and abdominal girth. The anti-aging process takes immediate effect. At an instant, the skin clearly gains in firmness, tightness, and tone. The ultimate fat burner for a perfect body. Your skin will be re-invigorated and is visibly lifted by the restructuring effects right away.


Use NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum on a daily base in the mornings and in the evenings. Apply it to the spots to be treated on your abdomen, hips, upper arms and legs and rub in quickly, stroking upwardly. NIANCE Premium Glacier Body Serum is of a light and fresh texture and absorbed immediately. It will leave you with a toned, invigorated skin. Also perfect as full-body care product.