Anti-Age moisturizing balm
  •     For a smooth and revitalized skin
  •     Improves skin nutrition
  •     Activates natural repair functions
  •     Increases the protection shield against oxidative stresss

  • Saccharide Complex
  • Milk Serum
  • Watermelon Extract Kalahari
  • Bristle Oat Extract
  • Micro Algae Extract
  • Swiss Glacier Complex


Anti-Age Balm BALANCE is a light, silky balm with UV protection. The gel-like formulation is not greasy and is tailored to the special requirements of men’s skin. Even when you apply it, you can feel the balancing effect in your skin. It is stocking up on extra moisture and vital nutrients. First lines are effectively reduced and wrinkle deepening is prevented. The skin becomes more taut, firm and elastic, is considerably less susceptible to free radicals and other direct external influences like the sun or dry air. The immediate effect: fresh, smooth skin on the face, perfectly prepared for a long, active day.


Apply NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE evenly every morning after shaving. NIANCE Anti-Age Balm BALANCE is absorbed immediately and leaves a healthy,  silky feeling on the skin.